Mala Vita has its roots in energetic pop traditions like balkanpunk, hiphop, rock, latin, soul and ska. The band's strength is fusing them into a sound that is exciting, original, and hard to pigeonhole. Sweeping grooves from the Balkans and compelling rhythms from South America mixed with lyrics and beats straight from the streets of the big city. The language of this musical sensation is just as boundless as their music: the band sings in English, Spanish, Italian, Servo-Croat and French. Since its formation in 2002, Mala Vita has developed at dizzying speed. The explosive live band has played many venues and festivals. The biggest gigs so far have been the main stage at the Exit Festival in Novi Sad, the Sziget Festival in Budapest, three times at the Lowlands Festival and a big tour of Mexico. The band has also toured Europe several times, especially France, Germany, Spain and the Balkan countries. Mala Vita has frequently been featured in the international media. The American major network CBS, for example, chose the Mala Vita track Don't Leave Me Lonely as the soundtrack for an episod of the popular series CHAOS. So far the band has released two studio albums: Disorganizzata in 2007 and En Exilio in 2009. In the middle of 2011, in the run-up to a third studio album, producer Michel Schoots, internationally known as the drummer of Urban Dance Squad, joined Mala Vita. It will be his first band after the legendary Squad. Original Mala Vita bassist E.J. Bosch has also rejoined the band, whose other members are vocalist Mickael Franci, accordeonist Emil Kunto and guitarist Davor Lazic. Mala Vita is currently working on a new album.

07-12-2013: POPOUT SATURDAYS - DELFT (Netherlands)